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International Talk like a Pirate day

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How my Alice Dragons came to be

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Its is with regret to inform you that Jam Butty Crafts will be closing its commission side of the business from now on. all current orders in my order book will of course be made but from now on I will accept no NEW clay orders. STRICTLY! (I may next year have special "made for you" days when I make you a commission, which means you wont be waiting more that a day for me to fit you in). All my wedding stationery side of the business will remain the same. I will still make clay items but they will be made on a ready to post availability only.

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Launch of our new Ghostlings

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Halloween Tea Light Holders

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January's huge giveaway

well what a huge giveaway we are having this month.its for valentines day you know! all smoochy smoochy like! and all have been handmade to!

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