Alice Dragons

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How my Alice Dragons came to be

Hi Voodooians :)

Just thought I would do a tiny blog on how these stunning unusual Alice in winderland dragons came to be. 

The other night I was clearing out a box, I have dozens of boxes and bags that I need to sort out. my idea of tidying up is quickly dumping everything in boxes or bags to "sort out" later! later means like in a year or 5!. well the other night I sorted a few boxes out and most of it was crafts stuff and bits and bobs that mostly went into my school style yellow and red tray cabinet, whch I got from a ex nieghbour for only 20 quid, been my best buy yet considering they are 120 quid new and then some!. well in this box was a tiny tiny blue drink me bottle which one dragon has hold of, the one with the label. so I put it in the draw and thought nothing more of it. I went to bed, snore!

I woke up the next morning and the second I realised my brain had woke up I had the image of the Alice in wonderland dragon in my minds eye. I walked downstairs and immedialty started sculpting them. exactly to how i saw them when I woke up. I didnt even go for a wee! 

I call this my "creative fary" sending me images while I sleep. Though in reality I have no idea where I get these odd ideas but I'm bloody happy I do!

I was unsure how you lovely lot would take to them but you absolutely love them, I can't thank you enough for that. I means a lot to me that you love what I do. living a very lonely single life this is what makes me the happiest, reading all the lovely things you say to me. apart from my son which goes without saying of course.

Anyway now I can clothe my dragons oooooh! the sky is the limit now isnt it! Mad Hatter Dragons are one that you want me to make. I dont even have to worry about anyones copyright as they are so far removed from the original because they are just dragons dressed up in fancy dress costumes!  you think I would get away with that? 

well, I'm off to publish this, I hope you read it, I really hope you comment too! :) 

next blog should be next weekend and each weekend thereafter. 

Chat soon lovelies

Love Jane xxx 

below is a random voodoo doll I scupted a while back



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Awesome but of course I knew all this from our phone conversation, I have to do mine now don't I
Created By 2017-02-11 20:59:42 Posted By Ruth Hughes Comment Link
It's really nice to hear how you come up with your wonderful ideas. I absolutely love your work and wish I could buy a lot more x

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