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Decorating the hall, staris and landing


Today's Voodoo News is brought to you by Garth "ginge" gingerton. 

Hi there! do you like my picture (above)? I've been out and about today down to a place called Barbridge. its a canal junction on the Shropshire Union canal. nah I didnt go out and its just a photo my creator took a few years ago! but I like it! 

anyway. I'm just popping in to tell you that my sculptor has been decorating her hall, stairs and landing this morning for a hour. she is trying to make it less spooky for her son, he is scardy pants of upstairs and wont sleep! no sleep equals bad days at school equals no job in later life equals grumpy son and grumpy mum! 

she has paint all over her hands! and the smell is making her feel a bit green to say the least! but she's is cold so can't keep the front door open. Stop winging woman and go sculpt something! 

did you see the video she made last night of some of the Christmas creations she still has for sale? you can find the video here by clicking the word here! cool eh! 

or you can see all of her Christmas creations here, yes click the word here! it will take you to her flickr Christmas album 

This weekend she plans to do 3 orders for 2 men (angel, horse and erm she can't remember without looking at the message!) and to get Joanna's order finished and ready for packing and do the Toothless orders. 

anyway I'm off to play with my friends the pigs in blankets before they are posted off to their new homes 

tatty bye! 

love Ginge 




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Right onh-its helped me sort things right out.

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