Voodoo Dolls

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my new Voodoo Dolls

Hello my freaky friends, only saying that because I have a new page with new products!

introducing my new Voodoo Dolls. cute or gory! 

I will share my very first cutie pies one first so I dont scare you! as they are quite different from my usual creations. 

Meet Mrs Voodoo Doll. 

she is 3D tattoo. sculpted from my friends tattoo that her hubby designed and tattooed onto her foot. (thank you Steeve and LIz) 

since then I have made quite a few of my new Voodoo Dolls. please visit and like my new facebook page here where you will see more of my voodoo dolls, some are very gory indeed but thats what my customer wanted so i had to make them. i really enjoyed it too. i think I enjoyed sticking the pins in a little bit TOO much! 

anyway I hope you will pop along with your likes and comments and make my new page grow as much as you have my Jam Butty Crafts page.

next is a picture of my "Wedded Bliss" gory Voodoo Dolls so if your a bit of a wimp please dont look below!

it was made for Lily & Matt for thier 10th wedding anniversary. also in the new year I have to make thier two pets, a daisy dog and a cat that i will be voodoofying so be sure to look out for them!



I have another to make soon that is going to be both gory AND kinky! a wedding present! oh my! 

cant wait to do that one! but I have to finish some normal orders first. 


right I have to go as I have some glow in the dark spider baubles to make

thank you for reading. see you on my new page. take care, hugs from me and marshall.xxx 



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Great that you are having so much interest in these :D

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