Halloween Tea Light Holders

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Halloween Tea Light Holders

Hi friends

I was quite stunned last night once I had uploaded my photos of my halloween tea light holders that they both sold within a few mins, in fact 4 of you wanted the witches brew one. so i will be making some more of them very soon. 

I adore making halloween items, I dont know why, same as christmas things, but not as much. I could happily make Halloween tea light holders every day. i have a few old commission orders to make today but i might finish off the night with a witches brew tea ligh holder.

tonight I plan to cook!!!! yes..me...cooking...a spag bol...not cooked a meal for sooo long but i have been watching gordon ramsay great escape on 4oD and he said something that made me think twice......."the poorest Indians eat better that we do at home"......he was on about even the poor eat fresh veg and fruit, nothing is processed and fucked about with, no additives or chemicals, everything is picked fresh....he was cooking on an Indian train for the passengers. and he was right about his statement, we eat a lot at home and it costs a lot of money but its all crap food, junk food hardly any fresh things, so i hope i am going to start eating better and cooking a bit more.


here is some pics of my tea light holders i made yesterday and the day before. enjoy!



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Halloween & Christmas my 2 fave times of the year - LOVE your tea light holders - you never cease to amaze me with your super crafty talents xXXx

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