Support! Wow!

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Amazing support! 

Hi there friends

firstly I would like to say.....THANK YOU...a millions times over for your overwhelming support on my page from my last blog. 

fancy me getting all those kind words and stunning support. I was totally overwhelmed and deeply touched. I had more support from you guys than i ever hoped for. you guys and gals are really understanding, so thank you so so much from the botom of my heart.

I feel much better about things now, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and i cant wait to get my creative juices really flowing with making items that i really really love to make...halloween and christmas things! whoop! 

I have been working on a Oscar the grouch and Beaker cake topper last night and today, he is finished if you want a peak at the pics here  it will take you to my facebook page.

I am now working on a table seating plan that needs to be posted off tomorrow in time for their wedding on the 27th. more pics for that in my next blog.

guess what......I'm having a bit of "me and son time" tomorrow night, i promised that we would snuggle on the sofa and watch a new DVD with some nibbles, awwwwwwwwww, we not done that for so so long. we miss it.

I can feel my stomach ulcer starting to hurt, not played me up for a few months since i had a course of antiacid tablets from the doctor, but i knew this pain was coming because i have gone thru a bottle of "Gavisgod" this last week, just hope the pain dont get worse than it is right now! 

right...going now to roll about in pain for half hour then its back to working on the table seating plan

see you later aligators


jane xxx 


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