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Its is with regret to inform you that Jam Butty Crafts will be closing its commission side of the business from now on. all current orders in my order book will of course be made but from now on I will accept no NEW clay orders. STRICTLY! (I may next year have special "made for you" days when I make you a commission, which means you wont be waiting more that a day for me to fit you in). All my wedding stationery side of the business will remain the same. I will still make clay items but they will be made on a ready to post availability only.

well there you go. as the above says I am closing my commssion side of the business down. I dont want to but i feel i have no choice. 

my main reasons are that i feel terrible guilt and stress that a lot of you have been waiting for months for your order, some of you have been waiting since january!!! and that really dont sit well with me at all. I hate it. and it should not happen. another reason is LEGO! yes lego! my house is in such a pig sty, one that kim and aggy would love to get their mitts on, that i cant stand up and walk to the kitchen to feed my fat face without standing on lego! and it hurts,  i tell my son 5 times a day to tydy up his lego only to step on another piece that i didnt see. 

this last awful few hours......been lay on the sofa most of the day with a real bad migraine, one that made me feel sick, i hate feeling sick!. so had to try and sleep it off, had a pain killer and a litre of water and even the water made me feel sick. any way i was not supposed to be sleeping I was supposed to be driving 35 miles away to hand deliver some wedding stationery. when i finally felt well enough to open my eyes it was 7.30.....yay still time to drive to take the wedding stationery. so i look down to the front of my monitor to grab the sat nav but its not there, in the back of my mind i kind of remember that i moved it incase i scratched the screen, but where i moved it to i have no idea......angry!.....i tidy up when i'm idea i startes to clean my work table of all the cut off bits of card and sticky tabs...looking for my sat nav all the time thinking "times running out for my to take the wedding stuff".....I cant find it anywhere.....I wrote on my facebook page that my day had not gone what happens next? well I stand up to look further away from my table and stand on nasty picec of lego.....that exact same dam piece i had trod on the day before, i stood there and cried and cried, I just couldnt cope with it...i cant cope with it any more......see i'm crying now!!!.

how many times can i yell...i mean REALLY yell at my poor son to pick up his lego! ....then anger really kicked in and i dived under my work table and pulled everything from under it, rubbish, bits of paper, boxes of stock...drags it into the middle of the room for sorting....all the while I'm crying like a hysterical actress on the TV!!

so this is the reason why i have decided to close the commission side of my business. odd you might think? why would i close because of lego or a missing sat nav? see......not that i am complaning of course because i love to work, i LIVE to work and create items for you, and i wouldnt still be self employed and booked up for months ahead if it were not for you lovely lot, but I just have too many of you to cope with at the moment while i have this dam flu thing that just wont go away. I try each day to tick more of you off my every growing order book and every day i get more orders and when things go wrong like today i just get further and further behind and its not fair on you.

the lego???? is because i dont have time to clean my house and tydy up so my son dont do it either. well why should he if i dont! i'm not teaching him very well am i?. but his work ethic shoiuld be pretty much set in stone!!!!! there is only 3 things in my life that i do all the, sit at my work table and work or do my facebook page, sleep (most of the time only sleeping for 5 or 6 hours a night then catching up on a few hours after the morning school run), wasting my day AGAIN!

i dont cook, i dont look after myself, i dont clean, i dont do anythng that you guys do in your normal day to day life. if on the rare occassion i go to the pub i sit and sand clay items down while I'm there!.  

i feel lost! i'm crying again!!

i'm so sorry to be telling you all this but i feel you are owed a explanation as to why you are waiting and waiting and waiting for your orders. some of you have got your order made on the same day as you have asked me, this is because i dont want my order book to get any longer and i think i can fit you in then get on with normal booked in orders but it never turns out like that does it. there is always something that puts the spanner in the works. 

there is sooooo much i want to say here thats on my mind but you dont need to know my problems, not really. i'm a huge fatty and can barely walk! i have been single for 7 and half years! i have not had any pash for nearly 6 years!!!! not that that bothers me at all as one gets used to it, but it would be nice to have a "normal" life....anyway i digress a bit.

I dont want you all suddenly cancelling your orders....this is not what this is all about. i will make all orders currently on my order book as soon as i can. 

what i would like to do starting next year is to just make items that i want to making 50 minions that are ready to post...or making some witches for halloween that i'm itching to make but cant, i think working like this would be better for EVERYONE involved. i will have time to clean my house (a good house clean can burn off hudreds of calories resulting in a bit of weight loss i hope). you wont be waiting for items either which is my main concern. 

i hope you all understand. please tell me if you dont.

during this year i set myself a challenge. a 365 day craft challenge where i made something that you suggest each day. i managed to do it some days but just didnt have time to do it which i'm upset about cos i really enjoyed the challenge of it all and seeing what you folks came up with. so i have decided that starting 1st jan next year i will be doing speical "made for you" days....these will be when i have a spare day (of which i have none left this year! :) ) that i can devote the entire day to making what you want me to make. there will be no more orders taken. so it will be on a first come first sever basis. i will announce the evening before that "tomorrow is a make for you day" and the first one who says me please will get that day. i hope this is ok? sounds like a good idea to me. then at least your not waiting weeks and weeks and i'm not stressed wondering when the hell i will have a chance to make your item!. you see i not only have my facebook page, but i also have my etsy shop, my folksy shop (not that i sell owt on there), and my website (that needs me to build) and when i sell something from there i HAVE to make it that day or if i get a facebook customer saying "its my sons birthday in 7 days can you please make me this item" then that again puts you booked in folks behind again and its just not fair, not fair at all. all my etsy shop listings that are made to order will be getting deleted too and only items that are ready to ship will be listed.


well i feel a bit better now, the tears have stopped, i am hungry, its 9 pm, i have not made anything for my sons tea, i have not washed his school uniform, he has not done his home work or had a bath yet! its going to be 11pm before he gets to sleep...a typical evening then!! normally i would be working and getting carried away with what i'm working on to notice the time lol. so i will post this blog on my facebook page for ya all to see then i'm off to eat and do all the things i should be doing then i got a cake topper "Beaker" to make to go along side Oscar the grouch!

thank you all for reading and i do hope you understand.

big hugs

and thank you so so much for all your support on my FB page especailly this last hour or so, it really means a lot to me

Jane xxx 



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Awww, I really hope thing's have changed for you now. Keep strong xxx
Created By 2013-09-22 23:37:44 Posted By Kelly Mann Comment Link
Jane, you are a star and i am sure everyone who has had orders from you will understand - Lots of love xXXx P.s agree with you about that damn lego!! xXx

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