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International Talk like a Pirate day

Ahoy there me shipmates!

It was International Talk like a Pirate day yesterday and oh what fun we had on my facebook page.

I even turned my facebook into English Pirate for the day which was a bit confusing at first but soooo much fun.

well me scurvy dogs yer cap'n here has bein working on a wedding table seatin plan all day, 

its a gold an burgundy one for a wenching bride who's gettin hitched next week. Arrrrrrrr! she be married soon enough me scabbydogs!

Yer cap'n here also announced the winners of me competition. you gotta see me page to finds out more. Arrrrrrr!  If yer missed out then yer should have taken yer eye patch off Aye!

so remember me crew for next year....19th September...International Talk like a Pirate day Arrrr!

and thats enough of that for now! It was doing my head in by 11pm :)

a few pics of my Yoda and Princess Leah I made a few months ago, they went to America to go on a Wedding Cake. please share this blog on facebook or pin the pics, that would be great, thank you so much

thats it for me for today


Jane xxx


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