new times two!

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new blog! new webiste! eeeeeeeek!

Hello friends

well.....its new! my website lauched today and a new blog. my first on this website obviously (eeeeeeek! no spell check! oh dear!!) 

I'm quiet excited really, though I would be more excited if I didnt have my flu thing from my son! 

now I know there is not a lot on my website yet but there will be, these things take many months to finish, though I will be adding new things almost daily forever!

just wanted to welcome you all here and tell you a funny story that happened today with Mr Geek Desgins who is helping me desgin the website, well he is doing most of the work, I'm just adding products. 

I had my new website on one tab, while i chatted to Mr Geek on another tab. when I start hearing a funny little tune that starts and stops. I thought It was some daft music on my new website. so I said to Mr Geek " there is some sound on my website, did you know?" "no" he said, he couldnt hear anything. it only happened for  few seconds then it would stop. so in my muddled flu filled mind I started to think that it was a little tune that reminded folks that they had my website on on another tab, the little tune only started when I begun to type on my keyboard you i thought it was a "come over here, we miss you" type thing from my site. so I begun to tell my thoughts to Mr Geek when I suddenly spotted my mobile phone trapped under my keyboard!!! and when I typed I was pressing the keyboard onto my phone which was complaining as loud as it could with a daft little tune!!!! hahahah! how silly did I feel!

feel free to like my facebook page here where I am currently having a poem competition where you can win some goodies handmade by me!

see you there


Jane xxx



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LOL what are you like :P
Created By 2013-09-16 21:54:48 Posted By Kelly Mann Comment Link
Awesome new site and fab blog, Can't wait to read more :)

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